Biggest Mistakes Owners Make When Seeking Small Business Financing

No matter what sort of establishment you have, small business financing is usually essential for getting the venture off the ground and putting you on a path to profitability. However, there are some common errors people make that can make it difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible to get approved for the cash you need.

Applying for Loans Too Quickly and Frequently 

Many people see the Internet as a great resource for researching the type of loans that are available. In many instances, it is, but you need to be careful to not apply for funding until you’re sure the respective type you’re interested in fits what you need.

That’s because every time you submit an application online or otherwise, the lenders you contacted will do credit checks. The more inquiries you have on your credit report, the worse your score will become.

Indeed, some people apply for sources small business financing before thoroughly researching it even when they’re not using the Internet. However, the sheer amount of loans available online can make people more likely to click on those that seem most appealing before they get the full details.

Not Having Records Organized and Ready to Produce

When you apply for a loan, lenders want a significant amount of documentation, including pay stubs, tax returns and personal statements about your finances. If you don’t have all that ready to show when asked, you may find your ability to get financial help is delayed, and you might even miss out on opportunities altogether.

Lacking Awareness of All Available Options

In the same way it can be harmful to apply for loans without understanding what’s at stake, it’s not advantageous to move forward with an application without knowing about all the possibilities. Sometimes, when working in haste, possibilities get overlooked.

For example, if you need a short-term solution quickly, you may consider selling some of your unpaid invoices to a company that deals with factoring receivables. In that scenario, you can get cash within a few days in exchange for outstanding invoices.

Crowdsourcing, where you appeal to people you know to help keep the venture afloat, is a type of small business financing that’s becoming more popular. However, it’s usually only worthwhile if your monetary needs are fairly limited in scope. Some people turn to crowdfunding to get themselves out of unexpected financial hardships.

These are just a few common but costly mistakes that people make when sorting out small business financing. Hopefully you know have insight that will help you steer clear of those same blunders and help your business succeed.


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