Upping Your Real Estate Investment Game

Are you at the point where you’re doing reasonably well in the world of investment real estate, but just feel like you haven’t yet reached your full potential? If so, that’s a very common scenario, and fortunately one that has plenty of actionable strategies to boost your efforts to the next level. With dedication and a careful approach, you could find you’re soon meeting goals that seemed beyond your reach only a few months earlier.

Build an Analysis Tool

The Internet is full of tools that will help you calculate whether a potential investment is really worthwhile. However, some people get so reliant on those offerings that they end up merely inputting data and not really understanding the meaning behind the numbers. Lift yourself out of that rut by building your own tool using standard spreadsheet software.

You can get guidance based on some of your previous sales transactions. Before buying any real estate, you should always have a clear idea of how long it characteristically takes a property of that sort to get resold in current market conditions.

Keep meticulous records and see if those projections ended up holding true in real life. All that data can, and should, go into your personalized analysis tool. Feel free to customize it with headers, color coding or anything else that makes the information easier to interpret.

Network Like a Pro

It’s also important to continually grow your investment real estate network. Perhaps that means reading blogs from investors you admire, then taking time to specifically reach out and ask for pointers.

It can also be useful to go to conferences geared towards investors. Keep in mind that knowledge is reciprocal in the best cases. When people who are more experienced decide to fill you in on some tricks of the trade, pay it forward by sharing your own insight with newer investors as you see fit.

Consider Commercial Properties

 If you have so far only focused on residential property, now may be a good time to set your sites on commercial options such as office buildings and shopping centers. One advantage is that commercial real estate lease terms are generally more flexible than those for residences, since there are comparatively fewer associated consumer protection laws.

Also, the occupants of commercial real estate tend to have a vested interest in keeping the property well maintained, since it’s in the public eye. That may reduce your maintenance responsibilities.

Now that you know a few ways to increase your investment real estate effectiveness, hopefully you feel equipped to view the future with confidence and a positive outlook.


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