What it Takes to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate

Many people are attracted to the commercial real estate industry because they view it as being very profitable. Indeed, it can be, but success is more likely for individuals with certain characteristics.

A Proactive Attitude

Having numerous ideas for launching and sustaining your career is not enough. You must also have proactive strategies figured out for how you’re going to take measurable strides towards your goals. Planning is important, but only when it’s accompanied by intentional actions.

Try making a weekly to-do list that features tasks that move you closer to your real estate objectives. That approach should help you stay focused and give you a feeling of accomplishment.


Just like almost every other industry, commercial real estate has its ups and downs. Those fluctuations may be driven by dozens of factors, from the national economy to crime rates. With the knowledge that those shifts are not only likely but also inevitable, you need to adopt a diligent mindset and vow that even when the tough times come, you won’t give up.

A Talented Team

 When buying commercial property with the intention of getting a favorable return on investment, your efforts are only as good as the people who are working alongside you for the same goal. The people on your team may include business partners, appraisers, real estate attorneys, agents and lenders, among others.

Always make sure that each member of your team has the same general ideas about the things you hope to achieve through investments and what you plan to do with a property once you own it.

A Continual Desire to Learn

As you have already learned, there are many things that can impact a real estate market. That’s why it’s so important to consistently study data patterns to hopefully gain useful insight on what the market is likely to do in the months ahead.

Furthermore, networking with experts in the industry is also useful. You may be able to pass some of your own tips onto them while picking up knowledge you might use for the rest of your investment career.

Competitive Advantages

You need a clear idea of what sets you apart compared to other professionals in your industry who also work in commercial real estate. Often, it’s a good idea to spend time carving out a niche so you’re working in a segment of the market that’s not already over-saturated with other hopeful investors.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of traits that successful investors possess, it should be enough to indicate whether you have what it takes to succeed, or should focus your efforts elsewhere.


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