Annuity Financing

Access to Future Funds without Fees

Annuity FinancingMany companies pine for the chance to have access to the full value of their future assets right now. Yet the cruel reality of annuity and settlement disbursements is that they’re typically protected by a mountain of early withdrawal and surrender fees.

Yet there are ways to help cut through such bureaucratic red tape and get access to those funds right now. We at Hayes Lending Solutions are here to share those with you.

Through our Annuity Financing Program, you have the chance to sell all, some, or even a certain portion of your incoming annuity or settlement payments to us. This unique funding tool involves no transfer of equity or assumption of credit; you’re simply taking advantage of what’s yours.

Obtaining an Initial Quote

All you need to do initially is provide us with the following information:

  • Your annuity policy number
  • Your payment rates and frequencies
  • The name of the provider administering the fund

With this information, we can typically give you a quote on how much you can finance.

Early withdrawals from accounts set up to pay out over time once left you with the danger of facing inordinate fees and tax disadvantages. Now, thanks to our program, fees and surcharges are not an issue.

Unlocking the full financial potential of your future assets has never been easier thanks to us here at Hayes Lending Solutions. Why let those accounts slowly wither away over time when the money in them can provide you with great benefits today? Our service is the key to converting tomorrow’s income into today’s surplus. To find out more, call today.