Contract Financing

Unlocking the Full Fiscal Benefits of Your Contracts

Contract FinancingIf you deal with clients contractually, you know the frustration that can come from not having immediate access to the full value of your contracts when your capacity to fill them comes into question. That leads to the obvious question of what could you do if you were able to enjoy the fall fiscal benefits of those contracts right now.

We here at Hayes Lending Solutions can make that a reality.

You work hard to secure new contracts for your company; how maddening must it be to then see your ability to fulfill those obligations hindered by a simple lack of funds?

Our team here at Hayes Lending Solutions can help to ensure that such a possibility never happens.

Why Contract Financing?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my service contract have an equipment component?
  • Is it at or near customer investment grade?
  • Is the total value of the contract over $1 million?

If you can answer yes to those questions, you could potentially qualify for our Contract Financing Program. This gives you access to the full value of your contract right away, helping you to increase your production capacity in order to be in a better position to meet your obligations. These increased funds will also allow you the ability to concurrently take on larger contracts and increase your market share.

We’ll help you to unlock the full financial potential of your contract right now. To get started, just give us a call today.